We offer convenient monthly maintenance on your equipment to protect your investment.

Monthly Maintenance

Preventing Issues

Your equipment is running great now, but it can break down anytime! We provide monthly service maintenance to prevent issues that could be costly to repair. Our technicians will inspect your equipment to make sure they are working and provide optimal usage.

Equipment Maintenace Tips

  • Flush water through the handpieces and air/water syringes after every patient
  • Lubricate and sterilize handpieces
  • Lubricate prophy angles, contra-angle, between patients and not just wipe them down
  • Disinfect operatory equipment after each patient
  • Run suction cleaner through the HVE and saliva ejector.
  • Clean the suction traps weekly.
  • Drain and wipe out ultrasonic cleaner daily
  • Empty water bottles at the end of each day
  • Run a cycle with cleaning solutions in all sterilizers and empty the unit on the weekends.

Did you know that most of our clients spend less money on repairs when they have monthly maintenance on their equipment?